Training Runs

Training Schedule Downloads:

Tuesday Night at Catlin Gabel (Westside)

Thursday Night at Cleveland High (Eastside)

Walkers, joggers, and speedsters can join the fun every Thursday night at the CLEVELAND HIGH TRACK, S.E. 33rd Avenue, just north of Powell Blvd, 5:45 pm. Map it.

Tuesday night SPRING/SUMMER workouts meet behind the CEDAR HILLS RECREATION CENTER near the playground structures. The Rec. center is located on the corner of Cedar Hills Blvd. & SW Park Way in Beaverton. Cedar Hills Recreation Center is located at 11640 SW Park Way, Beaverton, 97005. Map it. The workouts begin at 5:45 pm with the warm ups.

Tuesday night WINTER workouts are held at the CATLIN GABLE SCHOOL TRACK, which is on the west side of Portland at 8825 SW Barnes Road. Map it. Park in the parking lot on the east side of the school (bear right when entering driveway off Barnes Road). Catlin Gabel is located next door to St. Vincent’s Hospital on Barnes Road. The track is located next to the athletics fields below the school. Workouts begin at 6pm and end at 7pm. Suggested arrival time is 5:45pm for warm-up.

Join us after the workout on the first Tuesday of every month for pizza! These workouts/group runs offer a great opportunity for runners and walkers to meet, share training tips, and motivate each other to accomplish their goals. Membership in the ORRC is not required to participate in these workouts. However, we are confident that you will eventually want to join us so you too can get inside information on club events, merchandise and race discounts, and races. Please join us!

Warm-Up & Cool Down All runners/walkers should warm-up before working out with 15-20 minutes of easy jogging or walking. From the Cedar Hills Recreation Center (Spring and Summer) we will do a slow group warm-up for one and a half miles down and around a local neighborhood park and lake. Repeat runners include 100-meter strides. Don't forget a light stretch after warm-up and cool down and stretch after your workout for 10-20 minutes. Caution: Water fountains and bathrooms are available in the Cedar Hills Recreation Center.

Water Warning: There is generally no water available on the running route once we start the workout. Packing a water bottle or stashing it on the course is highly recommended. Repeat sessions are designed for experienced runners. As a guide - you should not be doing repeat training if your weekly mileage is less than 20 miles per week and no more than 10% of your weekly mileage should be composed of repeat sessions. Be sure to take a rest day or a very easy run day after any speed workouts. All participants should be medically able and properly trained before participating in any physical exercise.

Repeat Recovery: To keep the workouts simple, recoveries will generally be one half the distance of the stated repeat. For example, if the repeat is mile, recovery will be mile. Recoveries between sets (indicated by ( ), will be mile regardless of last repeat. All recoveries will be at least mile at the Cedar Hills Recreation Center location (Spring and Summer only).


ORRC, 4840 SW Western Ave. #200, Beaverton, OR 97005