ORRC Races

Races get updated at the discretion of each Race Director. For more information on a specific race, please contact the appropriate Race Director, listed on the individual race pages.

ORRC Annual Y2K Run - 20.15k, 10k, 2m walk

ORRC Hagg Lake Ultra - 25k/50k

ORRC Champoeg Runs - 10k, 30k, 10k walk, 1/2 mi. kids' Run

ORRC Vernonia Marathon/Half Marathon

ORRC Hagg Lake Run - 10k/10.4m, 5k

ORRC Up the Lazy River - 10K Run/Walk

ORRC Summer Solstice - 5K Run/Walk; 1/4 mile Kids' Run

ORRC Mile - 1 Mile Event

ORRC 5 on the 4th Special Event - 5k Run/Walk, Free 1/4 mi Kid’s Run

ORRC Dual Duel - 10 Mile track relay, 10K solo.

ORRC Garlic Festival - 10k, 5k

ORRC Greenway Trail Trial - 10k

ORRC Best Dam Run - 10k

ORRC Blue Lake Runs - 5k/15k Run/Walk, 1k kids' Run

ORRC Autumn Leaves - 50k/50m

ORRC Turkey Trot - 4 mile Run and Walk, 1/2 mile Tot Trot

ORRC 10K Series

ORRC 5K Series

ORRC Race Records

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ORRC, 4840 SW Western Ave. #200, Beaverton, OR 97005 orrc@orrc.net